Molly Landreth Seeks "Queer America"

Posted by David Ozanich — 10 Dec 2010


I've been meaning to post about this project for awhile but keep getting distracted from it. So today is the day! The Seattle-based photographer Molly Landreth has been reexamining gender roles with her new photographic series "Queer America." She takes traditional scenes of "Americana" - say two teenagers sitting in a car on a "Lover's Lane" - and recasts it with queer imagery (in this case, two lesbians). A project five years in the making, the Lens Blog caught up with her and takes a look at her work:

She's been to a squirrel hunt in the Ozarks and a drag king ball in St. Louis. She thinks of her photographs as collaborations with the subjects, whom she finds on Facebook or MySpace. She asks them to suggest meaningful places in their homes or neighborhoods where they can be photographed, wearing whatever outfit they like. (The sailor outfit with high heels in Seattle was one of her favorites.)

She often photographs gay couples. "There's a lot of strength showing marginalized communities being really strong and tender with each other," she said. "Instead of hypersexualized images, I like the images to be about strength and honesty -- and taking out the bashfulness and shame."


A selection of eighteen images can be seen at the Lens Blog. More can be found at Go to minute 4:13 in the video below for an interview with Ms. Landreth about her project.


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