Nan Goldin Returns to Berlin

Posted by David Ozanich — 9 Dec 2010

image-152697-galleryV9-xfou.jpg "Self-Portrait in my Blue Bathroom, Berlin 1991"

Controversial (but nonetheless thrilling, brilliant and probative) photographer Nan Goldin opened a show at the Berlinische Gallerie in Berlin. Titled "Nan Goldin - Berlin Work", it features photographs she took in Berlin from 1984 to 2009 and includes many works never shown publicly before. Der Spiegel reports:

The specially selected photographs are a jumble of spontaneous snapshots of Goldin's bohemian Berlin milieu: Portraits of her male and female lovers, friends and acquaintances drinking in West Berlin bars, shots of East Berlin high-rises and stills from the drug-riddled squat she once inhabited in Berlin's working class Kreuzberg district.

The photographer said her time in Berlin changed her life forever. It catapulted her "from the photo ghetto to the art world." In 1984 she first showed her slide show, "The Ballad of Sexual Dependency," at Berlin's Kino Arsenal Cinema where Alf Bold worked. The massive attention it won her in Germany has kept the book version of that work in print ever since.

The German newspaper has a slideshow with several examples of her works on view. If you can't make it to Berlin, the Louvre in Paris is also presenting a selection Goldin's oeuvre. The Berlin show is up until February 28th, 2011.

image-152690-galleryV9-lmpn.jpg "Bea with the blue drink, O-Bar, West-Berlin 1984" by Nan Goldin.

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