Photo History of Location Filming in Los Angeles

Posted by David Ozanich — 15 Dec 2010


Movie buffs and/or Los Angelenos should take note of the new photo book "Location Filming in Los Angeles". It traces the history of movie production in the City of Angels from 1907 to the present. The Company Town blog takes a closer look:

Wanamaker, a film history consultant and former curator of the Hollywood Heritage Museum, has collected about 250,000 still photographs that document the countless hotels, ranches, parks and beaches across Los Angeles that supplied the backdrop for some of Hollywood's greatest films.

His interest in photographs was piqued when he worked as a production liaison at the American Film Institute and began building a research library. In 1970 Wanamaker got a call from the head of publicity for Columbia Pictures asking if he wanted to pick up hundreds of boxes of publicity photographs that were about to be discarded because the studio was moving from its old headquarters at Sunset and Gower Street.

To expand his archives he collected more photographs from flea markets, memorabilia stores and the various studios where he worked as a researcher, then spent 2 1/2 years cataloging them for his book.

You can find a few more examples in a related slideshow.



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