Prince Charles Attacked, Loving Leica, Norman Rockwell: Daily Photo Feed 12/10

Posted by David Ozanich — 10 Dec 2010


  • I'm loving this photo of TWA stewardesses fondling a Leica. I'm also loving this important website I Love My Leica which is basically a weird Leica fetish site. Via Gizmodo.

  • "Norman Rockwell: Behind the Camera" at the Brooklyn Museum is called "a revelation." It examines how the quintessential American painter used photography to aid his work. A slideshow has several examples.

  • David Hoffman, a 64-year-old photographer, has been awarded £30,000 and an apology after being beaten by police during the 2009 G20 meeting in London. More here.

  • Sean O'Hagan, who writes the "On Photography" column for the Guardian, has his personal picks for 2010's best photography books. Some interesting choices that haven't popped up much on similiar "best of" lists so far.

  • This photo by Matt Dunham for the AP of Prince Charles and Camilla inside their royal Rolls-Royce in the midst of the student protests in England is pretty obviously the photo of the day as just about everyone is publishing it. The Big Picture Blog has more scenes of mayhem in London.


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