Alabama Meets Havana, Stars on Bikes, Gaza, VJ Day: Photo Feed 1/25

Posted by David Ozanich — 25 Jan 2011


  • A colorized version of Alfred Eisenstaedt's 'V-J Day in Times Square'.

  • Vintage pictures of celebrities riding bikes. You know you want to click. I'm telling you, it's oddly enthralling. Below, a 1940 photo of bombshell Rita Hayworth taken by Peter Stackpole for Life Magazine.
  • rita.jpg

  • German photographer Kai Wiedenhöfer discusses the photographs of Gaza in his new book "The Book of Destruction" in this audio slideshow from The Guardian. His work is on view at The Mosaic Room in London beginning January 28th.
  • destruction.jpg

  • Portraits of fancy movie people at the fancy Sundance Film Festival.

  • Inspired by Walker Evans' "Let Us Now Praise Famous Men", a Cuban photojournalist and an Alabama photographer have teamed up on project titled "Havana - Side by Side." NPR reported the story:

    Nestor Marti, 38, is a photojournalist in Cuba's bustling capital. Chip Cooper, 60, is known for artistic, composed shots of the Alabama countryside. Both of them typically work alone, but for the past two years they've had the rare opportunity to work as a team, walking the narrow streets and wide plazas of Old Havana.

    "All we that thought about was let's take what Walker Evans did, and if it requires [it] to be journalist or artist -- it doesn't matter," Cooper says. "It's just gonna be."

    Listen (or read) about their project, and view pictures, at NPR. Below, Marti (right) and Cooper.


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