Charlie Rose Talks Mapplethorpe with Patti Smith

Posted by David Ozanich — 14 Jan 2011


"Robert Mapplethorpe. What do those words mean to me?" Charlie Rose asked Patti Smith that question ten years ago and last night she was a guest on his show to talk about her National Book Award-winning memoir "Just Kids."

I know I've been posting lots of items about this book and its author, but gosh darn if Patti Smith isn't just too lovely and inspiring for words. How can you not want to hear from an artist who describes her goal in writing the memoir as "What I wanted people to know and remember about Robert and I is that we didn't come into the world fully-formed - we went through all of the painful evolution and the awkwardness that everyone goes through."?

She goes on to discuss their final conversation, the day before he died, when the famed photographer asked her to write their story. She whips out her guitar and plays a few songs, too. Enjoy.

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