French Vogue's Controversial Fashion Spread Features Young Girls

Posted by David Ozanich — 6 Jan 2011


Ah, fashion photography. Where would we be without it? Assuming you've let your subscription to French Vogue lapse (for shame!) I thought I'd call your attention to the fashion spread called "Cadeaux" in the Tom Ford-edited December/January issue.

Shot by photographer Sharif Hamza, it features young girls dolled up in luxurious garments and casting sultry looks towards the camera. Some folks think its an abomination, of course, drawing comparisons to Jonbenet Ramsey, etc. I don't really see the harm in it. I can only imagine each of these models were THRILLED at getting to wear grown-up drag. It sort of reminds me of my favorite children's style magazine Milk: Le Magazine de Mode Enfantine . You can see the rest of the spread (and read more about the controversy) at Gawker.


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