Jazz Legends, Canon, Escalator Photography: Daily Photo Feed 1/6

Posted by David Ozanich — 6 Jan 2011


  • The BBC examines the photographs of Herman Leonard. Says the BBC, "'He has been described as 'the greatest jazz photographer in the history of the genre', and his portraits have been influential in shaping the image of the music and the world in which it was created." Listen here.

  • Canon is making its cheaper cameras more appealing to the modern photographer in hopes of combatting sales losses due to lazy folk who just use their iPhones. "Taking iPhone photography head on with new effects filters, like a toy camera effect, 720p video and a 'discreet mode' that nukes the flash and shutter sound in basically all of their cheapest cameras, the A series." Learn more at Gizmodo.

  • Jonathan Wood has been taking eerily beautiful photos for Getty of the disastrous flood in Australia.

  • Photographer and poet Gerard Malanga gets his day in court. He's suing John Chamberlain over the sale and authenticity of a 1967 Warhol silkscreen titled "315 Johns." While the Andy Warhol Art Authentication Board ruled the work is in fact a real Warhol, Malanga claims he created the painting himself as an homage to the Pop icon's style.

  • From the Guardian's Eyewitness series: "Documentary photographer Belinda Lawley's study of people travelling on the tube in London is comprised of portraits of travellers on escalators in several stations. Each diagonal line in the composite image shows a different escalator on one day last year."


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