Lady Gaga and Polaroid, Together at Last!

Posted by David Ozanich — 7 Jan 2011


Lady Gaga, dressed like the Bride of Death, touched down in Las Vegas yesterday to unveil her collaboration with Polaroid called "Polaroid Grey Label". And what glorious fruits did this collaboration yield?

The most interesting is the GL 20 which is a pair of sunglasses that takes pictures while you wear them and displays the photo on the lenses for others to see. Very meta, I suppose. I imagine they will also assist in helping you not read her Poker Face. So camera sunglasses basically - I know you've been needing a pair of these. But you can use Bluetooth to send the photos to a mobile printer called the GL10.


The GL30, meanwhile, is a more traditional, or perhaps classic, Polaroid camera that still allows you to print photos instantly. To be honest with you though, I can't quite discern whether or not you also have to GL10 portable printer to do that or if the camera does it on its own. I'm assuming the camera has its own printing capabilities as otherwise it would basically just be a digital camera.

The printer will be available in May at a retail price of $149.99. The other two items will be available at some point this year with prices yet to be determined.

Below you can watch Lady Gaga make the announcement and fuss with the prototypes. If you so desire, you may read the press release. I've also seen Gizmodo and Rolling Stone weigh in.

So, I don't know, I guess I want a pair?


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