Meta-Pictures of Pictures, 1950s Girls, Tunisia: Photo Feed 1/19

Posted by David Ozanich — 19 Jan 2011


  • The Big Picture blog brings together several arresting images of the uprising in Tunisia. Above, "Press photographers walk through clouds of tear gas during demonstrations in Tunis on January 18, 2011." Photo by Fethi Belaid.

  • The Photo Attorney is answering questions about copyright registration issues.

  • While we're on the subject, the NY Times wonders about the copyright questions raised by the ubiquity of camera phones.

    "When you're talking about people making copies of things with their cellphones, it's much closer to people making MP3s than people using Xerox copies of books," Mr. Liebowitz said. "In the 1970s, everyone didn't have a photocopier sitting in their home. Now everyone has a cellphone in their pocket that can easily copy anything."
  • 6girls.jpg

  • In 1954, LIFE magazine documented the lives of six girls living in one Greenwich Village apartment.

  • "Photographer Takes Pictures of Pictures" announces the Wall Street Journal headline. "Marilyn Minter takes pictures. Then she paints pictures of the pictures she has taken. When she's finished, she hires Tom Powel to take pictures of her pictures of her pictures." The article features the meta-photo below, taken by Barry Newman, and captioned as "Barry Newman shot Mustafah Abdulaziz shooting Tom Powel shooting Ms. Minter's picture."


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