Photos of Daytime Taken at Night

Posted by David Ozanich — 26 Jan 2011


When I was in film school at NYU, we learned how to shoot "day for night" in which you use various filters to make daytime shots look like it's nighttime. Amazing, no?

I flashed back to that when I stumbled upon Gizmodo's 175 Photos of Day Taken at Night which is the yin to my film school lesson's yang.

The 175 photos that follow look like they might have been taken during the day. But it's not day. It's night. The photos are lying, thanks to long exposures that soak in the colorful nightlife.

I've picked out three of my favorites, but I really do recommend checking out the 172 others. Each photo comes captioned by the photographer explaining his/her process. Neat stuff.



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