What Was On the Last Roll of Kodachrome?

Posted by David Ozanich — 3 Jan 2011


Earlier today we talked about developing the last rolls of Kodachrome at Dwayne's Photo. The last roll of Kodachrome film ever produced by Kodak was given to Steve McCurry, a famed National Georgraphic photographer. He shot half of the roll in New York and the other half in India. The last frame was taken in a cemetery in Parsons, Kansas near Dwayne's (see above; Robert DeNiro in TriBeCa is below). NPR has a selection from McCurry's last roll.

McCurry himself posted a selection of the photos on his website. He writes, "I have about 800,000 Kodachrome transparencies in my archive. It was probably the greatest film ever made."

And if you just can't get enough of this story, the Daily Mail also weighs in. The interesting fact I learned from them was that the infamous "Zapruder film" which captured JFK's assassination was shot on Kodachrome film.


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