Baby Polar Bear, JWoWW, Still Life Photography: Photo Feed 2/14

Posted by David Ozanich — 14 Feb 2011


  • The pictures of a baby polar bear at Denmark's Aalborg Zoo I know you want to see.
  • jwoww.jpg

  • "Jersey Shore"'s JWoWW is working some fierce shoes and a sheer dress in these photos of from the Richie Rich fashion show.
  • miami.jpg

  • This photo by Spencer Tunick of the Sagamore Hotel in Miami is a couple of years old but it just came across the JPG wires this weekend. It sure makes a Florida vacation seem like a great idea right about now. Via This is FYF.
  • bird.jpg

  • Since it's Fashion Week in New York right now, it seems a good time to spotlight the photographer Lacey who specializes in unique and creative still lifes for big fashion like the bird for the hipster chain store Uniqlo seen above. From LOOKBOOKS:

    She has built creative campaigns for everyone from Harper's Bazaar to Diet Coke.  She commissioned a couture gown made entirely of tissue paper.  She anatomically dissected a Nike sneaker and she made a colorful tornado out of recycled beauty packaging.  When it comes to inventiveness and pushing creative boundaries, Lacey is one photographer that does not mess around.  Fresh off the plane from London and planted in New York soil for a mere 3 days, we caught up with the inspiring, ever-talented Lacey about her life, her work, and how she plans to change the world of still life photography and design.
  • Speaking of still-life photography, I don't know what the reason for this banana photo is or where it came from but I like it.

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