Banksy Hits LA, The Drover's Wife Found: Photo Feed 2/21

Posted by David Ozanich — 21 Feb 2011


  • The Age tracks down the subject of Jeff Carter's 1959 photograph "The Drover's Wife," considered "one of the great images of rural Australia from another era."

    The drover's wife is Mavis Kerr, then a 16½-year-old seated next to husband Ron in ragged shirt and holding baby Johnny, who was three weeks old when Carter immortalised the scene.
  • With the approach of a new film version of Little Red Riding Hood, Buzzfeed assembles the best of what seem to be multitudes of similarly-themed photo shoots.
  • rrhood.jpg

  • The Observer considers the sequential photographs of Elliot Erwitt whose work is on view in London right now.

    It's all very well for a photograph to still life and immobilise a moment, but we can't help wondering what comes next, when time resumes and the transfixed bodies stop pretending to be dead.

    Elliott Erwitt's sequences reveal the afterlife of photographs, in cinematic jump cuts that show people or animals kinetically recovering from the poses that the camera inflicts on them. Once a tragedy ends, the human comedy is bound to resume.

    The second in a three photograph sequence is below.
  • ee.jpg

  • Emmy-winning photojournalist Don Janney died last week at 61.

  • Notorious graffiti artist Banksy seems to be tagging Los Angeles in advance of the Academy Awards this coming Sunday at which his film "Exit Through the Gift Shop" is nominated for Best Documentary. MSNBC has photos.


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