Detroit Woman Not Pleased After Being Photographed at Walmart

Posted by David Ozanich — 17 Feb 2011


Have you seen that fabulous website People of Walmart? If not, click that link right now. If you have, you may not be surprised to learn that one of the "models" was less than pleased to discover her photograph had been posted on the site.

Fox News Detroit has the story:

Wheeler said her mom was shopping at the Ypsilanti Walmart on Ellsworth Road, but did not realize someone had snapped her picture and was shocked to find it on the internet.

"The picture's of ... like the back of her right shoulder, so they were doing it ... about stomach level where no one would see that they were holding a camera up to do it," Wheeler said. "She was upset about it. Her first reaction when I told her was I want the picture taken off. Can you do it? And I'm like no, I don't run the website."

I spoke to the night manager at the Ypsilanti Walmart. He said Walmart has nothing to do with the website and that Walmart in no way supports the website.

Wheeler said that, in her opinion, these pictures are different than those taken by paparazzi on a public street or sidewalk.

"The thing is if you take a picture of someone in public, they're in public," she said. "My argument is you're in a Walmart. We have no privacy shopping? ... So, I could go into any store and take a picture of anybody or their children and put it up on a web page."

They follow the initial report with a discussion of the legalities involved. (Ed. note: The photo above is not the woman involved in this story. It was just a particularly choice example of the photography on the site.)

Ypsilanti Woman Upset over Photo Posted on "People of Walmart" Website:

Thanks to Toby for the tip.

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