DSLRs, Penguins, Mint Juleps, Tilt-Shift Photography: Photo Feed 2/7

Posted by David Ozanich — 7 Feb 2011


  • The Guardian features an empire penguin by way of photographer Robert McCabe's "best shot":

    The year was 1959 and I had travelled to Antarctica with the navy at the end of October, when summer was just beginning. We took lots of shots, making the most of the penguin's friendliness. I've even got one of him standing at the bar with all the navy people drinking to his health. He was very co-operative, if slightly bewildered. He just kept acting like he wanted more photos taken.

    Eventually, we led him outside and left him alone, but he didn't want to leave. Finally, he wandered off down the road to the airport. I watched him go for a while and then took some pictures, including this one. I was shooting straight into the sun, but there's only a little bit of flare. I put that down to my Rolleiflex camera.

  • The photographers at the New York Times want you to take "a closer look at the unrest in Cairo." You can zoom in on several different photos.
  • tiltshift.jpg

  • Everyone loves tilt-shift photography in which shallow depth-of-field makes a normal scene look like a miniature, doll-house version of itself. Buzzfeed has 29 "stunning examples."

  • The future of the DSLR? "Inch by inch, model by model, Canon is slowly dragging the DSLR toward its destiny: a full-fledged photo-video hybrid camera." More from Gizmodo.

  • Though admittedly this blogger is still recuperating from the boozy Super Bowl party he attended last night, Monday seems a good time to advise you that "a company called BevShots sells microscopic photographs of booze as art." The Picture Show blog, which has the story, describes the process and results:

    "... the images are made by crystallizing the alcoholic beverage on a lab slide, and using a standard light microscope with a camera attached. As art, it's like Lisa Frank meets '80s motel decor ..."

    Anything that can be described as Lisa Frank meets '80s motel decor gets a thumbs up from me. Below, the mint julep.


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