"Fantastically Kitsch and Glamorously Droll" New Photo Series

Posted by David Ozanich — 1 Feb 2011

mdmg1.jpgAlways Reminding Me That We're Apart, 1955 (2010)

Photo Booth is the rather nifty little blog run by the photo department at The New Yorker. This week's magazine features a selection from the McDermott and McGough series "Of Beauty and Being" which is on view at the Cheim & Reid Gallery. They describe the highly-saturated advertorial-style photographs:

Many of the images in the exhibition are direct riffs on works by Man Ray, Edward Steichen, Irving Penn, and Paul Outerbridge, all artists who had successful commercial careers; the photographs were even printed using the painstaking and near-extinct Tricolor carbon process that Outerbridge championed. Lampooning the age-old exchange between commercial and creative endeavors, the results are fantastically kitsch and glamorously droll.

"Fantastically kitsch and glamorously droll" pretty much sums up what I'd want on my tombstone so I'm going to head up to Chelsea and check these out for myself. (It's on view until February 12th.) There are ten more shots at Photo Booth. What I believe to be the whole series is here.

mdmg3.jpgLove is like a Cigarette, 1955 (2010)

mdmg2.jpgA Fool to Fall, 1955 (2010)

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