First Surfer Photo Ever Taken Up For Auction

Posted by David Ozanich — 28 Feb 2011


Taken circa 1890, this is the first known photograph ever taken of a surfer. Surfing was banned in Hawaii by missionaries in the 1700s for its "ungodliness," but fortunately the natives didn't pay much heed to that decree.

Even better news? You can own this photograph as it is part of a London auction of early Hawaiin and Fijiian photography. It's part of two albums of photographs from the era with a pre-sale estimate of £10,000. From the Daily Mail:

It is unclear who owned the albums, although it is thought that whoever it was acquired them during their travels around the globe.

Photography was able to bring the exotic back home and at the same time record history.

They were bought by a private dealer at a house clearance many years ago and he is now selling them.

Other photos include some of Hawaiin Royalty including King Kalakaua - who died in 1891 - Queen Liliuokalani and Princess Kaiulani.

In total there are 100 photographs, 20 from Fiji, and they record the characters and scenes that Britons found so intriguing to look at.

More about the lot for interested bidders at Dominic Winters Book Auctions.



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