LA's Urbanity, War Photographer Recuperates, Betty White Meets Koko: Photo Feed 2/9

Posted by David Ozanich — 9 Feb 2011


  • An introduction from NPR to the photographer Mitch Dobrowner by way of his landscape series "Urban" which "blends the man-made with the wild, making it difficult to pinpoint where cities and nature end -- or meet. His expansive canvases of Los Angeles initially draw the eye toward a mountain range or cloud bank. But as the gaze settles, the opposite force emerges: There is a city down there, too!" Above is "Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, CA 2007." See more of his urban photography here.

  • Speaking of LA, a bit more on that Mapplethorpe archive heading to LACMA and the Getty from LA Times.

  • In a terrible story out of Egypt, journalist Ahmed Mohammed Mahmoud was shot and killed by a sniper while photographing the protests on January 29th. The whole story at Al Jazeera.

  • Better news out of Walter Reed Army Medical Center: Wounded New York Times photographer Joao Silva, who lost both his legs during an attack in Afghanistan, is recuperating nicely. The paper's Lens blog writes:

    Three weeks ago, his friends and colleagues were cheering the fact that he was able to leave the Walter Reed Army Medical Center for a few hours in a wheelchair and scoot around Washington.

    What happened Monday astonished them even more. "The therapist fitted my legs and asked me if I'd like to walk," Mr. Silva said. "So off I went. Must have walked up and down that ramp 20 times. Could not get enough of it."

    Check him out below:

    Joao Silva Walks from NYTimes Lens on Vimeo.

  • Been looking to see pictures of Betty White and Koko the gorilla? It's your lucky day.

  • Same goes for fans of beautiful but endangered lighthouses.

  • A slightly belated Happy Chinese New Year!


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