Oscars, Afghan Policemen, Camera Key Caps: Photo Feed 2/28

Posted by David Ozanich — 28 Feb 2011


  • Did everyone tune into the Academy Awards? I had more than my fair share of champagne so I don't remember much of it, but I did win my Oscar pool - so at least there's that. If, like me, you have trouble recalling the show (or, gasp, didn't watch at all), here are photos from the red carpet and backstage at the Oscars via the Los Angeles Times, New York Times, the New York Post and Gawker. Fun fact: All eight (!) of host Anne Hathaway's looks were styled by Rachel Zoe. And of course there was the immaculate Helena Bonham Carter sporting her Union Jack leg accessory.
  • hbc1.jpg

  • Is the future of 2D photography 3D?

  • Hey shutterbugs - check out these "picture perfect key caps" from Japan. $8.99 seems a bit steep, but I've wasted a lot more money on a lot less.
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  • Probably more useful than those key caps is Adobe Premier Pro. There's all sorts of technical mumbo jumbo I won't repeat here - but apparently it's really easy to make the switch. Just ask the "pros."

  • Bran Symondson is a British soldier and a photographer by trade. He turned his lens on Afghan policeman. The BBC looks at his "exhibition of extraordinary, intimate photographs set to challenge all your preconceptions about what policemen look like."


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