The Day Madonna Met Herb Ritts

Posted by David Ozanich — 23 Feb 2011


Did you know that Herb Ritts shot the "Desperately Seeking Susan" poster? I sure didn't. Here is a great tale from veteran publicist Reid Rosefelt of the day Madonna met Herb Ritts. It has all sorts of fun little chestnuts like the fact that the photo below was considered "too lesbian" by the execs and might confuse movie-goers. Then there's the part where Andre Leon Talley shows up to get a photo for Vanity Fair and styled a pair of boxers on top of Madonna's head.


Rosefelt writes:

Nowadays photo shoots like these are a big deal, with limos for talent, and a gaggle of publicists and studio executives, but the only people from the movie were me and the wardrobe supervisor Melissa Stanton (who brought the jackets, costumes and accessories), Herb's crew, and Madonna and Rosanna, who cabbed over themselves. [Why am I so sure they didn't get cars? Because afterwards Madonna complained that she couldn't take the subway anymore. She had only recently reached the level of fame where people hassled her on the trains, and she was pissed off about this intrusion on her freedom.]

Several iconic images, including a Playboy cover, came out of this one photo shoot. If you like Herb Ritts, Madonna and/or Rosanna Arquette (let's be honest, who doesn't?) you really should do yourself a favor and read this story of the days of yore (aka the 80s). Ritts went on to photograph Madonna for years to come until his death in 2002.



Via This is FYF.

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