Watchdogs With Cameras, Dogs Win at Westminster, the Photography of Allen Ginsberg: Photo Feed 2/16

Posted by David Ozanich — 16 Feb 2011


  • It was the Westminster Dog Show yesterday and Hickory the Scottish deerhound is the big winner. Photos from the NY Times and CNN. And in a really neat feature, Times photographer Fred Conrad snaps pictures of all 102 champions, each the Best in Breed.

  • LOL via Gothamist. Hidden camera purchase leaves a principal in the hot seat:

    [T]he principal at the SEEALL Academy in Brooklyn may face an investigation for using school funds to purchase a $490 hidden camera pencil sharpener. An Education Department spokesperson tells the Daily News the special commissioner for investigation has been asked to look into the spying, but investigators won't have to dig too deep to figure out where the principal got the idea to buy the camera. The there was a link to it on the Education Department's website portal.
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  • The photography of beat poet Allen Ginsberg is on view through March 12th at the Howard Greenberg gallery in New York:

    Ginsberg started photographing in the 1940s, taking snapshots of his friends and making impromptu pictures in photo booths which were widely popular at the time. (Ginsberg had his film developed at local drugstores and referred to his snapshots as "drugstore" prints.) His experience at Columbia University, surrounded by Kerouac and Burroughs, ignited his creative drive, believing that he and his friends would create "the most individual, uninfluenced, unrepressed, uninhibited expression of art." Few of these photographs are well-known and were never meant to be shown outside of his group. Yet, they compel the viewer to re-examine the ingrained images we have of the Beats - Ginsberg, the balding, bearded guru or the melancholic Williams Burroughs ravaged by years of heroin use.

    For no defined reason, by 1963 Ginsberg stopped photographing, ultimately returning to it in the early 80s. By this time he was a well-known poet who was concerned with preserving his legacy.

    Via BW Gallerist. Above, Neal Cassady and his then-girlfriend Natalie Jackson.

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  • Updates on Fashion Week and lots of photography at Stylenik, Gawker, The Cut, and On the Runway. Above, the Victorian opening to the Vera Wang show. Oh, and just for fun, here are lots of pictures of Joe Jonas and Zac Efron sitting front row at the Calvin Klein show.
  • In an Atlanta case pitting police vs. watchdogs with cameras, the watchdogs win!

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