Weegee Stories

Posted by David Ozanich — 24 Feb 2011


Admirers of Weegee should be quite interested in the new electronic book "Weegee Stories" by Robert Olen Butler. He's selected six dozen of the famed photographer's images and written stories about the events captured by Weegee's flash. NPR's All Things Considered reviewed the book:

Rich, poor, night owls, children, the living and the dead, Weegee reveals his images to us. Robert Olen Butler bids them speak in lyrical voices that stand against the dark patches and dual reality in the photographs.

A night on the ladder in Harlem, says New York City fireman Abraham Johnson. And an infant in my arms, a girl with a cough that has nothing to do with the fire. And we come down through a thrash of smoke and I canopy her face with my hand and I swear I can feel her breath on my palm.

In many of these enlightened captions, you can feel the breath of life too.

You can find Weegee Stories at Narrative Magazine where you can read a sample of the Butler's prose.

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