Are We There Yet? Rest Stops of America

Posted by David Ozanich — 11 Mar 2011


I've traveled across and throughout the United States extensively and deeply appreciate the roadside rest stop. Always a familiar mixture of watered-down mid-century architectural flourishes framed by scattered, lonely picnic tables (and perhaps, if you are near a state line or a notable attraction, brochures advertising the wonders of America), a rest stop is rarely somewhere you are happy to be. It's neither your home nor your destination, but it's always a little bit better than your beef jerky-strewn seat in the car or truck. (Ed. Note: It is probably not better the the back of a motorcycle which is generally acknowledged as one of the best places to ever be.)

Photographer Lizzy Oppenheimer is memorializing these roadside respits as they become cross-country tombstones from another era of travel. As state funding gets cut, more and more of these bathroom beacons, most built in the 1960s, are being closed. She is attempting to document them all. She's even asking for help on Kickstarter. She describes the project below:



Many more of these lovely, wistfully formal pictures at her website. Have a good weekend!



Via Picture Show.

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