Broadway, Discovery, Reporters Missing in Libya: Photo Feed 2/17

Posted by David Ozanich — 17 Mar 2011


  • Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  • Four New York Times staffers are missing in Libya:

    The missing journalists are Anthony Shadid, the Beirut bureau chief and twice winner of the Pulitzer Prize for foreign reporting; Stephen Farrell, a reporter and videographer who was kidnapped by the Taliban in 2009 and rescued by British commandos; and two photographers, Tyler Hicks and Lynsey Addario, who have worked extensively in the Middle East and Africa.

    The Libyan government has vowed to return them unharmed if they have been captured.

  • Photographer Tim Hailand's "One Day in the Life of Jake Shears" photo book, the frontman for the Scissor Sisters, is out and both Hailand and Shears will be signing copies (with a portion of proceeds going to support the Elton John AIDS Foundation) in both Atlanta and Los Angeles.
  • pp.jpg

  • German astronomer Jens Hackmann shot this picture of what is believed to be the last waste water dump from Discovery. Yes, that means that's astronaut urine!

  • Arts Beat interviews photographer Andrew Eccles about his work photographing the new Broadway Bares posters which ape famous works of art. Asked about the differences between this charity shoot and his celebrity portraits, Eccles answered:

    It's similar in scale. A lot of my photo shoots are large-scale productions with elaborate sets. The only difference is working with subjects that are 100 percent collaborative. In the world of celebrity portraits I don't always get that. Sometimes you get people with tight schedules or someone who doesn't want to do the idea you came up with. For Broadway Bares, you say jump and the people say how high. They love being part of the process.

    Read the rest of the interview and see another poster here.


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