Iran Before the Chador, Patti Smith Sequel, Awkward Stock Photos: Photo Feed 3/31

Posted by David Ozanich — 31 Mar 2011


  • Following a gallery show in Los Angeles, here is a collection of photos of "Iran Before the Chador":

    ...[It's] difficult to grasp the extent of the Ayatollah Khomeini regime's impact on secular society without having a sense of what Iran was like in the years immediately preceding the revolution. That is precisely why the images from R&R Gallery's Before the Chador, a show curated by LA-based rapper Malkovich Music and comprised of 30 photos of an Iranian family before the conflict, feel so rare, valuable, and ultimately bittersweet. In one shot set at the beach, a bathing beauty leans against a classic '60s car; in another, the entire clan clusters around the hookah at an evening gathering. One question lingers: What happened to this family after the revolution?
  • The New York Post published this fun photo by Robert Caston. "A female firefighter, Michelle Monte, rushed to the scene of a bush fire in Stuart, Florida, dressed in her bathing suit, to help prevent the blaze from reaching homes in its path."
  • florida.jpg

  • Patti Smith is writing a sequel to her hit memoir "Just Kids" about her relationship with Robert Mapplethorpe. "The people's response to the book gives me an impetus to publish more," Smith said Thursday night. "I'm working on a sequel [to 'Just Kids']. I've been working on a mystery novel for a couple of years, but I'm working on multiple books -- smaller books, books of poetry. I think I'll spend most of 2011 writing." More from NBC New York.

  • Trust me when I tell you will love these pictures of clouds.

  • Here is a chronicle of Awkward Stock Photos like the one below.


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