Meet the Googlegängers

Posted by David Ozanich — 15 Mar 2011


The Talk of the Town section of the New Yorker investigates the case of the two Daniel Bejars. One is a Canadian musician who fronts the band Destroyer. Another is a New York-based artist. Here's where things get interesting:

This is what Bejar did: He grew his hair into a frizzy mane, and he grew a beard, and then he set about re-creating some of the most widely circulated images of Bejar the musician, who has frizzy hair and a beard. Their faces aren't identical--Bejar the artist has a more assertive brow and a narrower face--but the resemblance in the images is pretty close. He called his project "The Googlegänger," and he put his work online. So far, at least two reviews of the new Destroyer album, "Kaputt," have been accompanied by images of Bejar instead of Bejar.

The rest of the article recounts the artist Daniel Bejar's trip to see the musician Daniel Bejar's performance on the late-night talk show hosted by Jimmy Fallon. See the project for yourself at Bejar's website. Do you have a Googlegänger?


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