Mysterious Graffiti Artist Banksy Caught on Camera?

Posted by David Ozanich — 2 Mar 2011


Is this the reclusive Banksy? Splash News, a photo agency, claims to have caught the graffiti artist, whose identity is a "tight secret" on camera while tagging in Southern California. His signature-style of artworks have been popping up all over Los Angeles recently (he was Oscar-nominated for the documentary "Exit Through the Gift Shop") and it seems he's been caught in the act. From the Daily Mail:

Wearing a pulled-down green cap, a brown T-shirt and grey Adidas tracksuit bottoms, 'Banksy' scrambled to the top of the old container at the side of a busy highway, on which he had sprayed, 'This Looks A Bit Like An Elephant'.

Banksy is known to go back to photograph his art, as revealed in his book Wall And Piece - and the man here was carrying a camera.

More pictures, including some of his other Los Angeles works, at the Mail.



banksy4.jpgAnother of the Banksy pieces that recently popped up in Los Angeles

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