NPR Interviews Todd Bieber About That Lost Roll Of Film

Posted by David Ozanich — 28 Mar 2011


JPG has long been following the story of Todd Bieber, the Brooklyn filmmaker who found a lost roll of film and went on a journey to find its rightful owner.

NPR's All Things Considered interviewed Bieber about his trans-Atlantic adventure. It's really worth a listen. But one thing he mentioned caught my eye:

During his trip, Bieber took his own pictures. He took a few final shots with Roche and one of her brothers, and then they put the film canister outside the Café des Deux Moulins in Montmartre, the restaurant where Amelie works in the movie.

In the canister, they left a note that read, "It happened once, it can happen again. If you find me, I can buy you coffee and we'll become friends. It's the beginning of an adventure."

"Now I'm just kind of waiting to hear back to see if anybody found my film," Bieber says.

So has anyone found that roll of film?

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