Solar Photography, Polar Bears, Bill Cunningham, Eva Braun: Photo Feed 3/10

Posted by David Ozanich — 10 Mar 2011


  • Here comes the Sun: Discover Magazine highlights this "seriously jaw-dropping photo of the Sun" taken by Alan Friedman.

    Alan used a filter that lets through only a very narrow wavelength of light emitted by hydrogen (called Hα for those of you keeping track at home), so this tracks the activity of gas on the solar surface. He also inverts the image of the solar disk (makes it a negative) to increase contrast. Somehow this adds a three-dimensional quality to the picture, and reveals an amazing amount of texture.
  • A dog's eye view of New York City follows the recent trend of strapping cameras on animals!
  • You know those photos from the personal collection of Eva Braun, Hitler's mistress, you've been aching to see? Now you can, thanks to Life magazine which has digitized them. Below is the bizarre instance in which she dressed as Al Jolson, because, well, why not add a little blackface drag to make fascism even more unappealing?
  • evab.jpg

  • The Hollywood Reporter reviews the new documentary "Bill Cunnigham New York" about the iconic fashion photographer:

    Actually, it's a bit unfair -- or incomplete -- to label Cunningham a fashion photographer. He has two columns for The New York Times. One, "Evening Hours," chronicles the elegant parties and charity bashes frequented by the rich and famous. But in "On the Street," Cunningham photographs ordinary New Yorkers as they race around the city. While fashion is one subject of these photographic essays -- Wintour says that Cunningham often spots emerging fashion trends in his pictures -- he is simply enthralled by the energy and diversity of people walking the streets.
  • In related news, New York magazine has an article by Richard Press, the Cunningham documentary's director:

    Bill tells everyone that he's not a photographer. He just loves clothes. "Any real photographer would say, 'He's a fraud!' " says Bill. "Well, they're right. I'm just about capturing what I see." Which is actually quite astute. "It's more than mere picture taking; it's cultural anthropology--the ­intersection of fashion and society in New York City," says Philip Gefter, the documentary's producer. In Bill's hands, this meeting of high and low, uptown and downtown, is not just a mirror of our times, it's a celebration of self-invention and expression.

  • Usually we don't focus too much on motion pictures here at JPG, but these wild "spy cameras" being used in the arctic are just so cool. 60 Minutes did an extended feature on them last Sunday and tonight Animal Planet is featuring them as well:

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