Super Moon Photo Roundup

Posted by David Ozanich — 21 Mar 2011


I hope everyone got outside on Saturday night to see the super full moon. Lots of photographs have been popping up all over the internet ever since our celestial neighbor hit perigee. Kevin Ambrose of the Washington Post writes about his camera choices (those are his pictures of DC above):

For Saturday's shoot, I chose an F-stop of 5.6 and and ISO of 400. I tried to minimize the exposure time since the moon is a moving object and can appear slightly blurred in photographs if the exposure time is excessively long. I also like to bracket photos, or take many photos at different exposures. It's easy to sort through the photos later to choose the best exposure. Digital photography has many benefits in this respect.

Across the United States the Seattle Post Intelligencer has this one by Joshua Trujillo of the moon over the Cascade mountains:


This one by Nigel Cook is from an Associated Press slide show:


Towleroad has one from St. Michael's Tower in England:


Gothamist has a selection of New York super moon shots, among my favorites being this one by Jose Vazquez:


Some of our fellow JPG members also took photos like Warren Magione and James Hough. And finally, here's the moon rise over DC in condensed from 30 minutes to about 25 seconds. Enjoy!

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