Was Liz Taylor The "Fiercest Bitch On Earth"?

Posted by David Ozanich — 25 Mar 2011


OK, I swear this will be my last Liz Taylor-related post (though I may or may not be crossing my fingers behind my back). Best Week Ever has put together a photo essay titled "79 Reasons Elizabeth Taylor Was The Fiercest Bitch On Earth" which includes the photos above and below.


However, for some reason they left out one of my all time favorites, this Life Magazine snapshot featuring the substance-loving trio of Liza Minnelli, La Liz, and Betty Ford hanging out at Studio 54. God, what I wouldn't give for a time machine to take me back to that night!


And as one last note, since we're on the subject of Life Magazine, check out this slideshow that collects every one of her whopping 15 times gracing the cover of that venerable mag.

PS - Did you hear that Liz requested she arrive 15 minutes late to her own funeral? Fierce.

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