Would You Pay $16,500 For A One Day Photo Class?

Posted by David Ozanich — 25 Mar 2011

rox.jpgPhoto by Jesh de Rox via Roadside Scholar.

Here's some LOLs for your Friday afternoon. Jesh de Rox, referred to on one website as a "multi-award-winning Canadian wedding photographer" wants to teach you to "integrate Experiential Technique into your photography." What, precisely, Experiential Technique is I have no idea. It smells to me like the photographic equivalent of "The Secret" but what do I know? According to Rox's website My Beloved you will be "empowered" to:

  • explore the frontier of a deeply meaningful and transformative field of photography!
  • build a business that feeds your family and your heart!
  • draw PhotoGenic expression from everyone you work with!
  • supercharge your confidence in building high-value client relationships!
  • learn from leading Beloved photographers from the convenience of your home!

So it seems like a new age-y photo class. Nothing wrong with that, I suppose. To promote this, Jesh twittered out a free webinar detailing some of his techniques. At the end, there was sales pitch that included a day of one-on-one personal training for which he's charging the paltry sum of $16,500 (discounted from $20,000!). Yes, you read that correctly.

Once he tweeted this "bargain" out into the twitterverse, he immediately got his ass handed to him. The hash tag #onedaywithjeshinstead started trending with message like this one:

@JeshdeRox I thought about going to college or a down payment on a sweet house but I would rather spend #onedaywithjeshinstead

Now everyone's getting into the act, some defending Jesh (if someone is dumb enough to pay for that, then it's his lucky day) but I think what stuck in the craw of so many of the internet hordes is summarized by photographer Ron Dawson on his website Blade Ronner:

I don't think this was the right audience to pitch a $16,500 1-day 1-on-1 consult (even if it was down from $20,000). The photogs tuning in were doing so to help their businesses. If they could afford a $16,500 1-day photography seminar, chances are they wouldn't need a $16,500 1-day seminar.

I haven't found any official response from Jesh de Rox yet, but if anyone out there takes him up on his offer, please let me know. I'm dying to know what his "experiential technique" turns out to be. You can find a much more detailed account of the whole "scandal" here.

Would you invest in this course? It's not like he's asking for your first born child. And it is AN ENTIRE DAY after all.


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