Bears of Alaska Featured in New Photo Book

Posted by David Ozanich — 26 Apr 2011


Vanity Fair has a look at Chris Morgan's new nature photography book "Bears of the Last Frontier". It is full of cute and charming pictures of bears! You know you will like it. From Vanity Fair:

Bear biologist and wildlife conservationist Chris Morgan motorcycled across Alaska to film Bears of the Last Frontier, a three-part show for PBS's Nature series and a companion photography book from Abrams. The color portraits of black bears, grizzly bears, and polar bears from Morgan's adventure present them in their natural habitats, from the state's icy Arctic climes to the greenery in Denali National Park. (As for the television counterpart, the first installment airs on PBS on May 8 at eight p.m.)

The book has a forward by Susan and Jeff Bridges which you can read, along with seeing lots more photos, here.

bears1.jpg"Coastal brown bears gather in unusually large numbers in this part of Alaska, as the habitat is highly productive. Look closely at this photograph and you will see at least 10 bears gathered to feed on the first salmon run of the season. By Chris Weston."

bears2.jpg"Joe with the high-speed Phantom camera that is designed to obtain very sharp, super-slow-motion video. Just the ticket for filming bears charging through water in pursuit of salmon. By Brenda Phillips."

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