Conflict Photographers Shift Their Focus

Posted by David Ozanich — 25 Apr 2011


The untimely deaths of photojournalists Tim Hetherington (above) and Chris Hondros is reverberating through their community. It seems many conflict photographers are backing away from placing themselves in the crosshairs of political unrest. From the LA Times:

Some photographers pulled back from their work. Others vowed they would stay in the game but change their personal rules of engagement. Many revisited their worst misgiving -- that no matter how many times they risk their lives, much of the public can't be bothered with misery in far-off places.

I have talked a lot over the years to war photographers about their work. But I had to wonder this week when it becomes too much. In several interviews, some of the best visual artists of this generation talked about how they realized it was time to step away. They're still focused on conflict but in different ways.

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