Kodak's April Fool's Day Prank

Posted by David Ozanich — 1 Apr 2011


For an April Fool's Day prank, Kodak is pushing "Relationshiffft: Automated Person Purge". They pitch it as "an app to instantly remove that certain someone from all your photos and videos, no matter where they're posted." Among the startling technologies included:

But wait! There's more. Our latest sensors also capture what is immediately behind the subjects so once they are removed from the picture the background will fill in beautifully. How can we accomplish this feat you ask? It is based on our dodecahedron-surfaced (that's 12) pixel technology. When light hits each dodo-pixel (that's what we call them) the sensor actually reflects and records data in and around the object. We can't go beyond that high level description as it is pretty hush-hush.

Via Who's Got the Pranks on the Internet?.

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