Meat Photo Scandal Rocks World Of Vegan Magazines

Posted by David Ozanich — 15 Apr 2011


Ah, the old bait and switch is alive and well at VegNews, a magazine devoted to the vegan lifestyle. They are currently embroiled in a scandal because they've been outed for photoshopping stock photos of meat dishes and claiming they're vegan for recipe illustrations. Oh the humanity! The Awl breaks it down:

Reading through the comment thread on the big reveal (which is an incredible document) actually shows not just straight outrage but also a number of people that are upset but wanting to be supportive of the magazine, which issued a really bad apology, in which they note they have more than 1 million readers a month but claiming that it's "industry standard to use stock photography in magazines." (No, it isn't actually?) Unfortunately, a former employee claims that the letter "is filled with outright lies."

Read the letter and comments here and decide for yourself if VegNews is filled with delicious, meaty lies.

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