Original Cast Of Sondheim's "Company" Seen In New Photos

Posted by David Ozanich — 8 Apr 2011


A new production of the classic Stephen Sondheim musical "Company" opened last night for a brief run at New York Philharmonic. The new production stars Neil Patrick Harris, Patti LuPone, Jon Cryer, Stephen Colbert, Martha Plimpton and Christina Hendricks among others. Anyhow, it's sort of a big deal in certain circles. Woody Allen, Alec Baldwin and Sondheim himself were all in attendance.

Following its auspicious debut, Masterworks Broadway has a selection of photos by Sandy Speiser from the cast recording of the original 1970s production. For fans of Broadway, I've included shots of super producer Hal Prince with the legendary Elaine Stritch (above) as well as one of future "Alice" co-star Beth Howland and the maestro himself, Stephen Sondheim (below with Steve Elmore in the middle).


And just because I'm feeling nice, I've included a picture of Patti LuPone belting out the show's showstopper "Ladies Who Lunch" (originally performed by Strich) last night as well as some context in this tidbit from the LA Times dispatch:

LuPone finished the song splashing her martini out over the first few rows of the orchestra and then received the evening's biggest ovation.  Even the original Joanne, Elaine Stritch, watching from the house (on the aisle, in row PP) gave LuPone a warm hand. 

... for all its talent, the cumulative experience of this concert version still doesn't match the joy of listening to the original cast album featuring Ms. Stritch, Beth Howland's frazzled Amy and of course, Dean Jones as Bobby.

Anyhow, that now ends this brief Broadway break.



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