Photographing Tyne Daly As Maria Callas

Posted by David Ozanich — 11 Apr 2011


I know I've been posting a bunch of Broadway-related items, but it's the Spring season so sue me. One of my favorite blogs, Arts Beat has a semi-regular feature called "Behind the Poster" when they look at the advertising used to promote Broadway shows. Today they featured the revival of "Master Class" starring Tyne Daly as the legendary opera diva Maria Callas:

The poster art for MTC's revival was inspired by a 1957 portrait of Callas shot by the famed British photographer Cecil Beaton, according to Vinny Sainato, senior creative director of the Broadway advertising agency SpotCo. Mr. Sainato and the designer Amanda Spielman collaborated with the celebrity photographer James White on the black-and-white photograph of Ms. Daly, who was made up, dressed and posed to look similar to Callas.

Tyne Daly is divine. So is Ms. Callas obviously. I've included the two photos mentioned in this post. One of my favorite notable quotables from the interview with Vinny Sainato (love that name) was this one:

One idea was to show Tyne with cracked stage makeup, like a crack in the diva. But that was just not a diva. Callas would never let you see her stage makeup crack. A diva would put her best face forward.

Read more about the creative process behind photographing the poster here.


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