Reuters Photographers Tell Tales of Life on the Royal Wedding Beat

Posted by David Ozanich — 29 Apr 2011


OK, so sue me, one more royal wedding post. I PROMISE THIS IS THE LAST ONE! This is just too good not to share. From the tale of Reuters photographers on the royalty beat:

Over the last few days and very early mornings we have both walked every cobbled inch of the area in which we will shoot, dodging tents, union flags and sleeping bags in the process. Sowly a plan was formulated. We are both opposite ends of a long platform with over 75 other snappers and with slightly different angles should (fingers crossed) offer a well rounded picture of events.

The plan however (as thorough as it is) involves some serious kit. Between us we will carry 10 cameras and a vast array of glass from 800 and 600mm lenses down to a 15mm fish eye and an even wider lens on a Go-Pro action camera. Conservatively this is 50kg (110 pounds) of kit each.

Many of these will be fired remotely using pocket wizard wireless triggers and will shoot using wider lenses to give an overview of the pomp and ceremony as the day goes on freeing us to concentrate on the more important tighter pictures of the happy couple, 'that dress' and, fingers crossed even a little kiss.

That's their gear above. Read the rest here.

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