The Lego Camera You Can Build Yourself

Posted by David Ozanich — 1 Apr 2011


Clever crafter and photographer Cary Norton is "completely freaking stoked" about his Legotron Mark I 4 x 5 camera. He's been fussing around with the idea for a couple of years but just recently realized his dream and built his fantasy Lego camera. He describes it on his blog along with his plans for improvement:

The focus range is limited to roughly 3 feet to about 18 inches. It's good for portrait, but certainly can't focus to infinity. Mark II (once I get to that) should have a way better focusing range. I'm planning on making a pinhole lens board too.

The ground glass is just plexi, sanded with various fine grits. It's held in place by a film holder that previously had light leaks, but now has the aluminum center cut out. The fit is tight and I ran a line of liquid nails too, just in case.

I have plans for the next version already. I have a lot more knowledge now and can probably design more accurately in the LEGO App. I'm also going to do a lot of measuring to make sure I have a better focus range (on this version, I just started building on a whim). I'm sure lots of other little tweaks will find their way into the Mark II, but for now, I've got to shoot this guy as much as I can! I'm working on a cohesive project theme to shoot around. I'm open to suggestions too.

He has several more pictures of the camera building process as well as the resulting photos, including the portrait below, which he took with his fancy, kooky creation. Read all about it here. If you are more technically competent than I am perhaps you can build your own.


Thanks to Darlene for the tip!

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