The World's Tallest Trees

Posted by David Ozanich — 11 Apr 2011

treecollage.jpgPhoto collage created by photographer James Balog

The photo collage seen here was once considered the world's tallest tree. Discovered nine years ago in Humboldt Redwoods State Park in California and nicknamed the "Stratosphere Giant" it stands at an impressive 369 feet. (Can you see the climbers in it?)

Anyhow, it's been eclipsed by the newly discovered "Hyperion" in Redwood National Park. It's ten feet taller but don't make plans to visit it anytime soon as Krulwich Wonders reports:

... no one is telling where the new champ is located. People will want to see it, photograph it, climb it, carve little souvenirs out of it. Trees, says Steve Sillett, are not like people. They "cannot run away from paparazzi." He asked us not to even mention the nickname, "Hyperion," but I figure the nickname gives away nothing.

When they measured the new champ, they brought along a camera and you can watch the process in this nifty video:

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