Time-Lapse Photography Captures Northern Lights On Flight From San Francisco To Paris

Posted by David Ozanich — 8 Apr 2011

One thing the internet loves almost as much as kitten videos is time-lapse photography. I could spend my entire life uploading time-lapse videos to this blog and not even scratch the surface. That said, this one chronicling a flight from San Francisco to Paris is rather wonderful. Made up of 2,459 photos, a DSLR snapped a shot every 30 seconds and captured, among other things, a fabulous view of the Northern Lights.

Gizmodo has some behind-the-scenes info:

At the end of the video you get a glimpse of how this video was shot using a Canon 5D mk II with 16mm - 35mm lens attached to a tripod, and controlled with a timelapse controller. Making the video even more special is the fact that its creator was using the Korg iMS20 iPad app throughout the flight to mix the score live.

You may be wondering like I was how he got approval to shoot during the taxi take-off and landing, what with the strict rules about using electronic devices and all. YouTube user Nbolt said that "the photos during take-off and landing are all computer models and totally rendered because I would never use an electronic device during times which the FAA prohibits them."

So there you have it. Makes me wish I was hopping on a plane to Paris or San Francisco today. A weekend getaway sounds divine.

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