Canon T3i vs Nikon D5100 - A Shootout

Posted by Justin Case — 31 Jul 2011

Devin Coldewey over at TechCrunch posted a head-to-head shootout review of the Canon T3i and the Nikon D5100 on Friday.

It's a good read, where he lays hands on and compares these 2 solid DSLRs and lays bare some of the info that might help you choose between them (if, of course, you don't already carry bags and bags of your own stuff and feel plenty comfortable making choices for yourself or ... if you've already become a die-hard user of one brand over the other.

His basic specs report shows:

He breaks down the cameras in the following major categories:

  • Kit Lens

  • Viewfinder

  • LCD Screen

  • Controls

  • Live View

  • Body

  • Movie Mode

  • Image Quality


The Cliff Notes on this battle in Coldewey's post lay out this way:

Canon T3i

  • Somewhat sharper, more convenient LCD

  • Aggressive shape more suitable for larger hands

  • Controls more ergonomic

  • More all-purpose kit lens

  • 60fps video recording and 4:3 VGA mode

  • More convenient as an primary video device

  • Supports more in-production lenses

Nikon D5100

  • More compact, definitely feels smaller

  • Better viewfinder coverage

  • Faster entry and better performance in Live View

  • Single flap for I/O ports

  • Scene modes and quality control in video

  • Higher ISOs available (though not necessarily practical)

  • Quick setting of single autofocus points

His final recommendation seems to be the Canon:
If I had to choose, I'd say that the Canon is a better buy: the kit lens, more versatile video, and a more serious-feeling body. That said, the Nikon is definitely more compact, and for some, its video options may be better.

If you're inclined to check out the entire detailed review, check it out at TechCrunch 'Gadgets' here.

For more detailed reviews on each camera, however, you can also check out the excellent reviews at DPReview.

can-front.jpg To get the full breakdown on the Canon (from DPReview in March 2011) check here.

Nik-Front.jpg The details on the Nikon (from DPReview's April 2011) write-up are here.

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