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Posted by Justin Case — 11 Apr 2012

As many of our long-time JPG users will attest, we like to reach out when we find great opportunities for our users, members and any photographers that stumble upon the site to participate in contests, challenges and competitions that might provide reward and/or recognition to their work.

We found out, this week, about one such competition being produced by our friends at Artists Wanted.

Over the past five years Artists Wanted has provided over $1.5 million in cash and awards to artists, photographers and designers like you. This summer Chashama and the Times Square Alliance is working with Artists Wanted to present artists from around the world in brilliant lights on a massive scale in one of the most iconic locations in the world. You are invited to participate in: Art Takes Times Square .

Without further delay, take a few minutes to check out what will be the largest exhibition in New York City (and enter, participation is free -- the next featured artist will be selected in less than 24 hours):

Art Takes Times Square : Showcase your photography on the billboards of Times Square

Your photographs, larger than life.
Showcase your work in the largest, brightest, most dramatic venue on the planet.
You're invited to join Art Takes Times Square, a competition searching for inspired works by photographers, artists, designers and all creative talents from across the globe, to identify one visionary whose works will transform the most visited attraction in the world into a brilliant, spectacular exhibition. Participation is free, click here to learn more >>
International Publicity + The World's Most Immense Exhibition + $16,000 in Grants
(All this can be yours & participation is free.)
Click Here to Begin

Hurry and get your entries in, the next featured artists will be selected in less than 24 hours!

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