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Posted by Justin Case — 3 Jul 2012

We've been puzzling of late, here at JPG, as to what cameras - and brands of cameras - our members prefer and shoot. Now... preference is highly subjective. You can mostly shoot a certain camera (or brand of cameras), but prefer something totally different. As our own Cathaleen Curtiss has pointed out, the best camera is the one you have with you! In that way, for many - whatever camera is built-in to your mobile phone is becoming a frequently shot device.
With nearly 2.3 million images uploaded to the site, though, we thought it might be interesting and instructive to really dive- in and see what our users shoot and upload, at least to our little corner of the interwebs.

As anyone who has been awake for the last decade will tell you, a lot has changed in photography. Polaroid, Kodak... many might ask ... who?! The iconic brands of the past have lost the battle for the digital future. Mobile phone cameras are taking off and sharing our images has never been easier (or faster).
Every year, industry studies report how each major brand is doing in their battle for global market dominance. In our little corner of the world, we thought it would be interesting to find out who takes the top tier. So, after much compilation and number-crunching (as we've also just released a new update to the site that will surface more of this information), we wanted to share with you the top camera brands based on photos uploaded to JPG.


So... rather than a top 10, top 5 or top 25, we shared the top 8. Why 8? Well... once you get through this list of 8 manufacturers, the list gets pretty granular (read: under 1% each).

A few interesting notes, though. Apple shows up at #15. Nokia and RIM (Blackberry) also make appearances at #18 and #23, respectively. Other mobile brands like Motorola, Sony Ericsson and HTC are also among the top 30.

Several of the 'older' brands, like Polaroid (#28), Vivitar (#39) are falling down the list, while Samsung (#12), Casio (#14), Konica (#16), Minolta (#21), Sanyo (#29) and HP (#13) are working their point-and-shoot fare up the scale.

We find this breakdown very interesting and will share more detail on not only the brands that our users shoot, but also the models ... and how some of these numbers compare to the industry in general.

~ Stay Tuned!

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