Calling All Photographers!

Posted by Justin Case — 15 Nov 2012

See.Me (formerly Artists Wanted) is announcing their global (re) launch and offering over $125,000 in awards to inspired creators to celebrate!

If you join within the next 2 weeks, you are eligible to win up to $1,000 Early Entry Award!

With amazing opportunities to gain exposure, including a video of your work displayed on one of the largest billboards in New York, an exhibition of your work in NY and opportunities for global exposure, your big break could be just around the corner!

These are great opportunities to expand your 'brand' and get your work seen.

Check it out!

Photographers Wanted : A Special Invitation...

To the photographers and image-makers: you are invited to celebrate your creative passion with an international community of over half a million members on See.Me.

To inaugurate our global launch, we're offering over $125,000 in awards to inspired creators like you. (psst, it's free to join!)

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We're featuring creative talents everyday to hundreds of thousands of viewers.
Signup today and be one of them.

Join today and you could be eligible for:
  • A video of you and your work displayed on one of the largest billboards in Times Square NYC

  • Your own Featured Photography Exhibition in New York City at the See | Exhibition space

  • Over $30,000 in cash grants, worldwide exposure, and so much more...
Showcase your photos in your own NYC photography exhibition.

See.Me is a vibrant, global community of creators.
It's free to join.
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