A Millions Little Pictures: Analog

Posted by Toby Morrison — 26 Mar 2013

amlp_2.pngBrooklyn, NY (Art House Co-op) March 1, 2013 -- A Million Little Pictures (AMLP), now in its

6th version, challenges people to capture the world around them in a different light. What do tens of thousands of photographs look like in one space? AMLP is about the accumulation
of photographs from hundreds of different people, that then create a world of their own.

Art House Co-op will be mailing participants disposable cameras to use in their interpretations of 'analog' through a set of film exposures. Every participant who submits their developed photographs will have two of their prints selected for exhibitions that will be showing coast to coast in New York and Los Angeles in Fall 2013.

In addition, every set of photographs submitted will be digitized and added to our online
exhibition and on view in Art House's Digital Library.

AMLP : Analog includes:
· One official AMLP disposable camera
· All of your photos digitized and added to our Digital Library
· Two of your photographs included in two exhibitions. One in NYC and one TBD
· An exciting experience shared with hundreds of others around the world

Art House co-op is an independent Brooklyn-based company that organizes creative
projects for a global audience and harness the power of the virtual world to spread inspiration and create community in the real world. Anyone, from anywhere in the world can participate in our projects.

A Million Little Pictures: Analog is now open for participation
Please visit us online for details: www.sketchbookproject.com/projects/amlpanalog

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