Randy Cottingham

has been a member since Jan 2011 and goes by Chimpancheesze.

My name is Randy and I live in Charlotte, North Carolina, US.

I'm mostly a concert photographer but this is what I do in my free time (when I have some). I'm not very good at other types of photography but if it catches my eye then it goes into the camera.

Sometimes it works, other times it doesn't.

Besides photography I'm teaching myself how to speak Japanese. Very fun but quite complicated.

Find me at:

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The (un) Friendly Skies

3 Feb 20111219 views

A woeful tale of my flight experience

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Boredom kills.

29 Jan 20111492 views

Sometimes when you're bored and looking for something to do, don't do this.

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The Devil in Disguise

23 Jan 20112613 views

The common, mandatory hell we must all face.

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Shop until you drop

21 Jan 20111157 views

My attempt at shooting birds and patrons of Walmart

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Fire in the Hole!

19 Jan 20111662 views

Photography is a peaceful yet very dangerous activity.

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There goes the neighborhood

17 Jan 20111320 views

My new life in North Carolina. A fascination of culture, bugs and lawn care.