Andrey Danilov

has been a member since Feb 2007 and goes by d2007.

I am commercial photographer from Russia, 47 years old.
My first camera was birthday gift from my Mom in 1971.
My first professional camera was Nikon FM2.
I like old fashioned film shots, B&W and so on.
But to go digital is the challenge.

I'm available on Twitter aka A_dan.

Profile photo by Dmitry Gusev.

Find me at: http://www.adimage.ru

Flying giants
Photo Essay

Flying giants

10 Sep 20091831 views

from Geneva to Genova across mountains

Aston Martin vs Sunseeker
Photo Essay

Aston Martin vs Sunseeker

17 Apr 20091905 views

8000 km across Northern Europe

My guardian angel wears propeller, not wings
My Precious

My guardian angel wears propeller, not wings

11 Apr 20094146 views

Please meet the hero with propeller to have fun together. Is it Karlsson, Karlsson-on-the roof? Oh no, not him. Robinson.

Enter "Bokeh"!

Q: On active spotlight history ive noticed the clicked number does not reflect the accurate amount. Example. Just posted not long ago and shows 1 click when there has been three with three comments .

A: Do you know?